Leg 1: COMPLETE!!!

Ok i have just finished leg one of my tour check the “leg 1” page to see all the details



Some of the guys down at simfly liked my idea of generating a random heading with a number generator so this is what im going to do:

Before i take off im going to use the number generator at random.org to pick a number between 1 and 360 and that will be my initial heading.

Then when my tanks are at 75% full i will do the same thing and change my heading to the random number accordingly.

I will repeat this step at 50% fuel levels and 25% fuel levels.

Every time my heading is changed i will record my co-ordinates and pin-point them on a map for you to see!

Before Take-Off

Ok so before my takeoff tomorrow i thought i would post this this is a map of the area i could land in on my first leg

So tomorrow i will have landed at an airport in that circle.

Also there is another rule for me:

  • If i am almost out of fuel and im over over water i will go to the nearest island with an airport and attempt to land there to avoid me crashing into the ocean

The First Steps

ok so this is the first step to my around the world randomness adventure right now im just getting everything ready the aircraft im going to be doing it in is the default fsx Beechcraft Baron